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Date/Time: Tue, 28 May 2024 23:44:11 +0000

Post From: Sierra Chart Does Not Recommend CQG (Various Reasons)

[2022-01-20 00:42:44]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
Why is it, that CQG users, ask for trading losses from Sierra Chart?

This is the latest one:
My Buy Stop on Gold (GC) at 1832.3 was executed at 1834.8. What happened? I have MBO denali data. My broker is AMP Futures. I had data on Rithmic before and never had problems like this. In denali data, buy stop or sell stop often fill up with a slip of 1-3 tick. But now it was 25 ticks. I am counting on a refund of the lost amount.

This is our response:
This entire ticket, shows a lack of understanding about the markets. This is not a Sierra Chart issue at all. It is not anyone's issue. It does not relate to CQG, Rithmic , the Denali data feed or anything like that.

It would be best that you contact the exchange.

They then say this:
Your data is very slow. Much slower than the Rithmic. I will describe this case on internet forums.

Our response to this, is what is meant by "slow"? And if there is any data lagging issues, this would be due to the Internet, and connectivity, and other conditions. This is the relevant help topic:
Prices / Data Falling Behind

Does the "slow" refer to the market volatility, and the unwanted fill that they received? We do not know. And we do not think asking the user, is even going to help because we cannot trust the information and it would not be relevant, because we have no control over connectivity.

What is their objective here? Are they trying to scare us in order to pay for their loss?

Do we really have users, who lack basic intelligence about the functioning of futures markets? It appears so. Do we really have to explain to users, as to why a data feed has no impact at all on fills. You could be using delayed data, and the outcome of a fill will be exactly the same.
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