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Date/Time: Sat, 13 Apr 2024 09:50:05 +0000

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[2022-01-17 19:37:01]
ertrader - Posts: 638
Latest updates:
Linux updated to 5.13.0-25, Mint 20.3, Wine 7.0-rc6 and SC 2345. I added 18 charts per instance to cover all markets on one page for better market overviews.

Luigi..I've not seen the data issue you mentioned. Just speculating...maybe the latest versions of Wine would help if you have not already tried.

Also, moved from CQG to Teton order routing.

I'm working with Bradh on a trade copier across brokers and instances. It would be VERY helpful if SC had trade copying built in to include moving stops and targets across SC instances and brokers.

Current configuration:
SierraChart Version 2345 64 bit (2 instances)
wine-7.0-rc6 Development
Mint Linux 20.3/Cinnamon desktop
Kernel 5.13.0-25 generic
OpenGL X11lib: 1.7.0
AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
GeForce GTX 1660 Nvidia video card w/6 GB GDDR5 and driver 460.91.03
Dual Monitors 1920X1080 60 Hz for both monitors
Total System RAM: 16 Gig
Memory usage: <500 Meg per instance. Memory has gone up a bit but that is expected with the additional charts
CPU Utilization: <5% per SC instance
88 Charts, 5 instruments (ES, YM, NQ, GC, CL)
Denali datafeed with MBO data
SC/Teton (Advantage Futures) and SC/TT (ADMIS) order routing (have requested with ADMIS to add Teton as an option)
RealVNC for remote access
Updated 1/17/22.

PS: Newer chartbooks are performing better for one of my custom studies:
Button menu toggle
PPS: Teton and move from AMP to Advantage and using SC web trade account
AMP and SC Direct routing
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2022-01-17 20:17:32