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Post From: Sierra charts cut off

[2021-12-16 19:07:06]
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Order Routing is a very complex operation...
No it is not. Not even remotely close. Certainly a lot of details and complexity to the software. Once it is developed, tested and running, it is all automatic from there on and requires no intervention.

We also currently route orders over to TT (trading technologies) and now that we no longer involve TT and do this directly to the CME, through the Convenience Gateway from the CME, this is massively more simplified and reliable.

once this service has matured.
It already has been. All of the functionality is established and proven since it is nothing new. And all the functionality has been tested in simulation extensively or over a period of years.

The fact that we can offer the Teton order routing service at no cost, and provide redundancy, and features well beyond CQG, proves this.
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