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Date/Time: Sun, 16 Jan 2022 19:16:00 +0000

Post From: saving a study

[2021-11-26 19:18:13]
JohnR - User831573 - Posts: 100

I think there is some confusion. Studies and collections are 2 different things. A study (or indicator) as others call them, is some logic and usually producing plots or objects drawn on a chart. A collection is 1 or more studies you save in a group, thus the name 'collection'. So you can easily add them to a chart with all of the parameters, colors and setting configured to the way you want them. Most collections are more than one study, but does not have to be.

All studies are not in "add custom study". Only ones that were created via ACSIL / C++ code by you or someone else. There are many, many studies that are provided with SC. Some are MACD, moving averages, RSI, etc. None of these are in 'Add Custom Study'.

Now, it is possible to customize the 'base' studies, for example the MACD. You can change the plot colors, various lengths, etc. Then you have an option on the bottom right corner of the 'Study Settings' window to save this configuration as default.

Now, on to your situation. I think a possible solution is the following.


If you want apply a Study Collection to the chart and not clear the existing studies from the chart, then check the Save Studies As Study Collection >> Prompt to Remove Existing Studies checkbox before saving the Study Collection with Save All or Save Single.

For instructions to create a Study Collection, refer to Create a Study Collection.

When enabling this option, a plus sign (+) is appended to the Study Collection name. When applying a Study Collection that was saved with this option, then Sierra Chart will ask whether or not to clear existing studies from the chart.

Using this method you are able to apply one or more Study Collections to a chart without removing or clearing the existing studies. Each time you apply a new Study Collection, press No when prompted, to not clear the existing studies.

So, when you save your study as a collection, make sure you check the box described above which asks about removing existing studies.

Hope this helps,