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Date/Time: Sun, 16 Jan 2022 19:48:32 +0000

Post From: Symbol, Trade and Current Quote Symbol,Problems swtiching from MNQ to NM both in Cash/Sim

[2021-11-16 05:48:26]
OrbitalD - Posts: 18
Hi, I have a few questions;

1) I'm using Symbol (charting with) NQ and have Trade and Current Quote Symbol as MNQ (Use As Trade Only Symbol). If I want to use Global Profit / Loss Management do I need to put .50 in the Currency Value Per Tick to properly represent MN? and then when if I switch to NQ I change it to 5.0?

2) Under what circumstances does the Current Quote Symbol get erased? There have been a couple of instances where I set MNQ as the Trade and Current Quote Symbol and thought I was trading MNQ but later found that I was trading NQ. I have always had MNQ as the Trade and Current Quote Symbol (execution chart, trade windwo, DOM) but sometimes after checking its MNQ is no longer there as the Current Quote Symbol. Does closing and restarting SC ever affect this? Can the settings in charts other than my execution chart, trade window, and DOM affect this?

3) Does anything change with the above when switching from Sim to a Cash account?

4) Is here only one common threshold for Global Profit / Loss Management that get applied to all the accounts?

5) Is there a way to make sure that I am only trading MNQ and never NQ (a filter or symbol limiter) other than changing my Symbol to NQ (the custom chart studies I use are for NQ)

Thank you for your help!