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Date/Time: Sun, 05 Dec 2021 23:57:17 +0000

Post From: Data/Trade Service Setting

[2021-10-17 15:36:18]
John - SC Support - Posts: 12510
This is very odd, as you should have the data fill in when you delete all data and download.

Let's try the following: With the TPO chart the active chart, go to Chart >> Chart Settings and remove the entry for the Trade and Current Quote Symbol (just blank it out by removing the text that is in there). Select OK to close this window.

Then go to Global Settings >> Symbol Settings and make sure the option for Use Custom Symbol Settings Values is Deselected (does not have the checkmark in the box next to it). Select OK to close this window.

Then select Edit >> Delete All Data and Download. When the window comes up to select the contracts to delete and reload select the Select All button at the bottom first and ensure all the contracts are selected. Select OK to redownload the data.

Let us know if the data fills in.