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Date/Time: Sat, 01 Apr 2023 05:06:24 +0000

Post From: Need Assistance Setting Up SC for Order Flow Charting

[2021-09-21 23:50:04]
Phil McCracken - Posts: 1
Hello, I recently opened a SC account and am having trouble figuring out exactly what service package is required to enable me to use Sierra's order flow chart studies. The initial delayed data, free demo account that I setup with Sierra allowed me to easily use the order flow (Number Bars chart study, et. al.) studies. I wanted to upgrade to real-time data though so I tried, unsuccessfully, to subscribe to paid data packages but all of the subscriptions I put into place took away my ability to use this functionality. Can you please advise what I have to do/subscribe to to be able to use the above mentioned functionality in a real-time data environment? Please let me know what SC subscriptions / live trading accounts are necessary to make this happen.

Thank you!!