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Post From: T & S vs Number Bar Data

[2014-03-12 02:55:57]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
Other than what the combine options currently are present, there is not anything more.

I have taken a snapshot of one of the times I noticed this. Can you please advise why I would be seeing volume in T&S that would not show up in the number bars? This is only one of the times I have noticed this, there are many more.
No. This is not within the scope of our support. We cannot be getting involved in these kinds of analysis. Furthermore, you are saying that you are using Time and Sales combine options. So we have to do all kinds of analysis to explain why you see what you do. If something is not clear in the documentation as to a particular function, we will clarify it. Is there anything not clear about how the combine options work?
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