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Date/Time: Wed, 08 Dec 2021 10:00:22 +0000

Post From: New Super Enhanced Trade Simulation Service

[2021-08-23 04:52:44]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 98846
Maybe if the server gets bogged down I am not giving it enough time to update the fill status before I try to execute the second trade?
The server never gets "bogged" down. That just does not happen.

Additionally what is described in post #94 is fully irrelevant to the issue. It has nothing to do with this at all. That only occurred one time. We should not even have posted that.

This is my guess; even though 44529 is filled and the quantity has updated to -4, the system still thinks 44529 is open. When 44530 tries to execute, it adds it's -2 to the -2 of 44529 (which is still showing open even though it has filled) and the system cancels 44530 because if both orders execute, then the total position would be -8.
No this is definitely not a correct understanding.

The order that has been canceled was canceled by you. The information is below. It is not Sierra Chart canceling that.
ActivityType  DateTime  Symbol  OrderActionSource  InternalOrderID  ServiceOrderID  OrderType  Quantity  BuySell  Price  Price2  OrderStatus  FillPrice  FilledQuantity  TradeAccount  OpenClose  ParentInternalOrderID  PositionQuantity  FillExecutionServiceID  HighDuringPosition  LowDuringPosition  Note  AccountBalance  ExchangeOrderID  ClientOrderID  TimeInForce
Orders  2021-08-17 23:17:41.755996  [Sim]ZSX21  Cancel request from DTC client #6. Sierra Chart.  1047639  1047639  Limit  2  Sell  1355.75    Pending Cancel      Jeff-Demo  Open    -4          0.00      Day
Orders  2021-08-17 23:17:41.756018  [Sim]ZSX21  Simulated order canceled  1047639  1047639  Limit  2  Sell  1355.75    Canceled      Jeff-Demo  Open    -4          0.00      Day

Sometimes the order of the data in the trade activity log is not exactly how events occur just due to time stamping differences.

We are now locking this thread. It is too long and this should not have been posted here.
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