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Date/Time: Wed, 08 Dec 2021 09:34:38 +0000

Post From: New Super Enhanced Trade Simulation Service

[2021-08-20 18:49:24]
cskan325 - Posts: 39
I have an intermittent issue with orders being automatically cancelled because maximum position limit would be exceeded while testing with Trading Evaluator.

I think I have narrowed down the situations under which this occurs. In the attached screenshot of the the Trade Activity Log, 2 orders (OrderID 44529 is LimitChase, OrderID 44530 is Limit) are entered through ACSIL to sell 2 contracts each, while the current positions is -2 and the limit is -6. 1 order (OrderID 44529) fills and Internal Position Quantity is updated to -4 from -2. But after this fill, order 44529 is still showing as Open when the second order tries to fill and then the system automatically cancels the second order since if both orders fill this would exceed the limit of -6.

I have checked the logs of other trades under the same circumstances and they work fine. If requested, I can attach a screenshot of a similar trade that worked without a problem. The difference between them is the order in which the log shows trades being Open/Pending Open/Filled.

I am only guessing the timing is the issue, so I am open to other suggestions.
imageTrade Activity Log.jpg / V - Attached On 2021-08-20 18:47:06 UTC - Size: 253.05 KB - 56 views