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Date/Time: Tue, 27 Feb 2024 00:25:40 +0000

Post From: Replay hangs

[2021-07-13 22:11:27]
User660727 - Posts: 50
I don't wait for more than a minute. I am running disconnected and with sierra charts behind a firewall to prevent from downloading new data between test runs, so its not online data or data download related. Replay normally starts within a few seconds.

I only have one visible chart, and one hidden chart created by the study. Feels like an async bug to me for what its worth

Really wish replay had a "stop date/time" and that all the popups were moved into the dialog and persisted. I frequently do a rebuild between replays and having having to check "use start date/time" every run and answers the 2 popups and change the frequency becomes tedious pretty quickly. The occasional hang is just icing on the cake.