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Date/Time: Mon, 06 Feb 2023 07:06:27 +0000

Post From: Ackin's indicators (SCH users requests for studies) - Update list

[2021-07-05 17:46:27]
Ackin - Posts: 1845
I've seen almost all the videos from TradeYourPlan. I can't setup his chart. Does he share it somewhere?
Do you mean OrderFlow chart?

Trade_your_plan is an excellent trader. One of the few fulltime traders who is willing to share his experiences.... for free on his discord chat. In the YT videos he shows in great detail how to set up an Orderflow chart and others but I understand that someone can have problems with small nuances.

He doesn't share exactly the same chart anywhere, but on my forum there is a very similar chartbook to download from one user. Of course also other charts. Everything is in the T_Y_P section so the condition is to be in Discord chat (Trade_your_plan) and then you can download it for free from my forum ....