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Date/Time: Mon, 27 Mar 2023 16:23:58 +0000

Post From: Support Board | Access to real time CME data feed and advanced studies

[2021-06-06 08:24:49]
User287561 - Posts: 14
Hi again,

My AMP trading account verification says it is Unverified. Will it be done by sierra chart manually? Or I am doing something wrong.

I really do not understand the difference between 3.25 and 10.40$. I use footprint chart, TPO's, VWAPs, Deltas which are named differently on the studies of SC.
I already have delayed data of futures market. I was hoping by getting a futures account I would get the real time data to use the studies as stated above.

So I know that I will have to subscribe for the 11. Advanced + Denali Data Feed which is 46 USD. But for the CME data I am still confused which one I must select (According to the studies/indicators I use). Do I even need 3.25$ CME data which you had previously suggested?
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