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Date/Time: Tue, 16 Aug 2022 22:16:44 +0000

Post From: Message from AMP through email about CQG Order Routing problems

[2021-03-17 20:48:32]
bebop - Posts: 13
Similar to post 15 above, I entered a buy market order with an attached OCO. It appeared that it didn´t execute, and the sell limit disappeared, but the sell stop remained and I couldn´t cancel it or adjust it. The market rallied over 30 ticks from there, but I didn´t appear to have a position. Much later in the evening the market fell and the sell stop was triggered. AMP said they couldn´t do anything. An hour later a fill for the original buy market order appears as a closing trade for the sell stop, costing me 20 ticks. Between CQG and AMP, what a total and utter bunch of clowns!