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Date/Time: Tue, 16 Aug 2022 22:24:08 +0000

Post From: Message from AMP through email about CQG Order Routing problems

[2021-03-16 19:53:33]
SKZ90 - Posts: 65
CQG - Order Routing Problems - Continues

CQG just provided update (Below) - we are starting our Emergency Actions.
We will begin closing any positions on accounts that do NOT have the 100% Exchange Margin Requirement to carry the position.
> If we close an open position, we will disable trading, so you do not close an Open position showing on CQG > that we already closed on the Exchange.
> If you are not using Compound Orders (per CQG notice below) - your orders and positions should NOT be affected and you can close any open positions you feel are accurate.

CQG update--------2:32pm CST
The order routing system is experiencing technical problems. Compound Orders (OCOs, Brackets, etc) sent from our Chicago risk location are not properly updating in CAST and therefore are missing positions.

If users stay logged in they should continue to see updated orders and positions. If they log off they will lose it.

We have set the margins to 100% exchange until CQG resolves this issue.

All customers will be notified when the system is functioning normally.
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