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Date/Time: Sat, 01 Apr 2023 04:48:26 +0000

Post From: delayed data

[2021-03-10 20:52:07]
User812728 - Posts: 20
Not sure how to set this up, its really confusing. So I tried to change the Denali Exchange Data Feed CME options but nothing happened, then I tried to change my package deal from (5- advanced £36 month to 'standard + denali data 36 month) but now its saying i dont have enough money so now im back to square one, plus i think i may have messed up my orininal package deal.

Please let me know exactly how to set this up so that i can have real time futures CME data, instead of delayed data (not sure why anyone would pay for delayed data) so that i can use it with the footprint?