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Date/Time: Thu, 30 Mar 2023 08:12:38 +0000

Post From: Delayed Data

[2021-03-07 19:55:06]
User458514 - Posts: 2
I'm a newbie to Sierra Charts and Infinity Futures. So I've established an account with SC and one with TransAct Futures ( this was done thorough a link I selected as Infinity Futures but ran right into TransAct Futures..which is where I think I should be with this transition.). Thorough SC I've subscribed to data package 10, which has the Denali feed. I've set up some charts on Friday and was getting delayed data. I've selected SC Data - All Services in the Data Services settings window. I've also selected YES for Allow Support for SC Data Feeds, it's a green YES. My data shows connected on the main window. I also have the Tick NYSE indicating live data, assuming an [M] and NO delayed in the window label means that. All my other chart windows have Delayed in the label. I followed the connect to my trading account instructions. However, it didn't connect...I used the data link labeled TransAct WS (trading) waited more than 10 seconds and reconnected---no change--still showing delayed.

I don't know if that TransAct WS option is actually associated with my account at TransAct Futures, does anybody know? The other thing is my account was funded on Friday afternoon and I can see the balance is correct but maybe there is something else that needs to trip before SC will see me. I do have the bracketed [M] on all my charts, it's they also show Delayed except for the Tick chart and they were all delayed on Friday, comparing time of day to bars on the chart and time on the chart.

Any ideas much appreciated