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Date/Time: Wed, 04 Oct 2023 09:59:33 +0000

Post From: Advanced Custom Studies DLL Loading Management

[2021-01-06 09:18:54]
User869657 - Posts: 31
Hi SC,

With version 2215, we have experienced the following : with only one DLL named "hello.dll", there is no issue and SC sees it i.e we can load the study via "Add Custom Study".

Copying that same dll and naming the copy "hello_64.dll", we can load the "hello_64.dll" but cannot load the original one, "hello.dll", which is still in the data folder.

Renaming the original one "hello_55.dll", i.e we now have "hello_55.dll" and "hello_64.dll", we can now load both.

We are asking this question as compiling via SC gives a DLL with "_64" in the name but some in our group compile via Visual Studio, and didn't have that naming convention. Will you keep this new convention going forward please ? Or can you please make sure that we can keep loading two dlls, one with and one without "_XX" ?

Many thanks.