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Date/Time: Fri, 27 Jan 2023 17:49:28 +0000

Post From: Ackin's indicators (SCH users requests for studies) - Update list

[2020-09-04 17:26:38]
User573721 - Posts: 24
Hi Ackin,

I sent you an email three times, I didn't get a reply.

In the thread https://www.sierrachart.com/SupportBoard.php?ThreadID=55894 you helped to user recompiled his source code. I have the same problem.
My developer hasn't communicated with me in few months and I don't have the thirty studies for OrderFlow I paid for.
Everything stopped working in the new version of Sierrachart. I tried to fix it myself without success. I'm not a programmer. Can I send you source codes to fix and recompiled? I'm ready to pay for it!

Another point. I saw a cooperation with Trader Ticino on your forum. Great decision and good news for everyone. I can offer you to share for other users my own Market depth charts and Collection with CBBOAC study. There is a lot of it, I can't post it after one post. Could you send me a link to some direct upload on your forum?

Friendly greetings
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