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Date/Time: Sat, 22 Jun 2024 06:28:09 +0000

Post From: Version 2151 Available: Foundation For Millisecond/Microsecond Timestamping

[2020-08-21 09:55:29]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
: very frustrating and this has been consuming a lot of my time this week doing re compilations for my indicators every day.
The changes were only during pre-releases. Not the main release. You could have also waited a few days, for the changes to be completed and become stable.

If a user of your custom studies wanted to update to the prerelease and could not run your custom studies, that is not a problem. They should just simply live without the custom studies for a few days or go back to the main release. It was their choice to update to the prerelease. There is no consequence for them to having updated to the prerelease and roll back to the main release.

People trading live are worried about what will happen to their charts and settings in the trading session after this weekend.
You don't write anywhere how the change will affect people who do not update to 2151 and higher. Will the axes in the charts change? Will DOM / T & S / QuoteBoard change? Problems and unexpected states cannot be solved while running in trade.
There has not been anything said about this because there is nothing to be concerned with. There is no impact if the user does not update, and if they do update, there still is no impact. There is nothing for anyone to be concerned with.

And if nobody notices an impact now, then this proves as a matter of fact, that there will be no impact because we have been running for several days now with some of our systems already updated with the latest code to support microsecond time stamping. Our server processes are aware, of the supported messages from the DTC clients and only send out compatible messages.

For example on one of our Denali data servers, for CBOT, the new microsecond time stamping is being transmitted. The same is true for our market statistics data, crypto currency data and Forex data. One of the systems has been updated for days now transmitting microsecond timestamps.

And we are also very happy, with how gracefully everything has worked, with next to zero problems. And the reason for this is that there has been extensive testing going on for more than a year now and lots of consideration of so many different things related to the time stamping change and a lot of updates to Sierra Chart over this time to make the transition very graceful with zero impact.
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