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Date/Time: Thu, 20 Jun 2024 17:34:28 +0000

Post From: Version 2151 Available: Foundation For Millisecond/Microsecond Timestamping

[2020-08-21 09:49:45]
Ackin - Posts: 1865
User79074: very frustrating and this has been consuming a lot of my time this week doing re compilations for my indicators every day.
Same experience as you and thanks for your words, I already felt like I was alone ...

In this respect, a very simple thing would suffice, as it works in other software. That they release Update only once in a longer period and in the meantime beta versions are created which are available only for testers and programmers (registered users see separate new content of new updates in separate sections). This would eliminate cases where the Newcomer automatically downloads the last update and then requires the full functionality of everything. Or ... chaotic patches when a part of an already functioning feature falls out and is fixed in the next update. I worked for many years in a development company. Errors can occur in the update ... it is not always possible to test everything, but it is always possible to improve communication with "colleagues in the same area" or facilitate the work of those who rely on this information. Not only errors but also changes in code writing.

Sierra_Chart Engineering: But 2151 or higher is needed to receive the microsecond timestamps.
Could you please post an opinion somewhere on the sierrachart forum for everyone what the change to milliseconds will bring? People trading live are worried about what will happen to their charts and settings in the trading session after this weekend.
You don't write anywhere how the change will affect people who do not update to 2151 and higher. Will the axes in the charts change? Will DOM / T & S / QuoteBoard change? Problems and unexpected states cannot be solved while running in trade.

You're an excellent trading platform, but in the press releases you keep things secret like the FBI.

I write because of many Sierrachart traders with whom I am in contact every day.