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Date/Time: Wed, 24 Jul 2024 01:01:53 +0000

Post From: Version 2151 Available: Foundation For Millisecond/Microsecond Timestamping

[2020-08-17 03:02:37]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
We will be releasing version 2152 in about 10 minutes. This will resolve posts #25, #26 and #28.

Although we think the problem in #28 is that the compiler you have installed, is too old. And does not support the language feature being used.

We did make one change to the file naming format. We have added an _ in front of the the optional version number:
[custom study file name]_2151.dll (32-bit)
[custom study file name]_2151_64.dll (64-bit)

We apologize for this, but this is our only opportunity to get the naming convention neat and clean. So we want to take advantage of this.
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