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Date/Time: Sat, 21 May 2022 21:18:23 +0000

Post From: Rithmic Bridge Files and Updated TLS Certificate Files Needed for June 1, 2020 and Onward

[2020-07-03 01:52:48]
BKP_ATL - Posts: 12
Is there anyone out there who has gotten this to work help me out? I would like to use my Sierra charts/chart trader to trade the Gauntlet (and my funded account if I pass) with Earn2Trade instead of using Rithmic's DOM. I love my Sierra charts but I might have to go to NT if I can't figure this out. I even contacted Rithmic and they couldn't help.

I got the original error, so I created the Rim folder as required, installed the files, reinstalled the software so as to install other files, etc. That didn't help. All it did was change the error message I got. I also ran the bridge program outside Sierra and got the error I was supposed to for that ("Port number not specified. Will exit."). So all is fine there.

I have tried to connect with sim mode checked in Sierra, and sim mode unchecked, which if I was using my CQG would connect me with my live/real trading account. Still get the same new error.

So I am posting this as an appeal for help from someone who fixed the issue who still had problems after they did the primary fix of reinstalling Sierra with the appropriate box checked for additional files, and also created the Rim folder and installed those files.

I asked E2T if they could hook me up with someone who got it fixed, but they won't hook my up with any of their users due to privacy.

I really want to use Sierra and the chart trader. Help!

Edit: The new error after doing everything in this thread is: Connection error message from service: Rithmic Trading|Logon error received from server
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2020-07-03 02:17:14