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Date/Time: Fri, 03 Feb 2023 22:52:58 +0000

Post From: DOM: price column

[2020-06-17 08:03:57]
User76183 - Posts: 61
Thank you! But this is not exactly the same.
Btw, I'm not alone in this changing. The guys who familiar with TT platform can easily understand me.
To SC-staff pls implement these settings, it has been many requests since 2013:


"Where were you guys 7 years ago when I needed the extra voices? LOL j/k
I never found a solution for this but haven't tried since I stopped scalping bonds years ago. I recreated most of the TT UI in Sierra (I even built my own EPIQ), but just not the DOM price display part. '

SC guys answered around 1 month ago:

"The setting exists but it is not yet implemented. We will get to this as soon as possible. "

I will be waiting for it!