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Date/Time: Tue, 07 Jul 2020 19:48:22 +0000

Post From: Regarding Rithmic (Our Final Post on this Subject)

[2020-05-01 09:03:50]
Japhro - Posts: 104 | Ending Date: 2021-05-01
Is this the reason that you no longer support Rithmic, that you would need to plugin to Rtrader Pro? They CLAIM that this is a simple change, that essentially this is a very similar API, but I have no way to know. Sierra has decided for some reason to not continue on with them, so be it I guess.

As to Rithmic being slow with SC< I have never experienced this, and I live in southeast Asia. I use the Rithmic Singapore server, but that still must eventually connect to the Chicago/Aurora servers - and I have acceptable lag - all due to ping from where I am located btw. I am about as far as geographically possible from the servers and it is still 230-250ms ping. Nothing anyone can do about that I'm afraid, and to me as a manual trader, I have never missed a fill because of it.

You can do a trace between your machine and the endpoint servers, and see what your IP is doing, you may be surprised at how they route your connection, and you can also ask them to change/improve that. Also, using something like Google DNS helps as well.

I have used SC with Rithmic and other feeds for years and Rithmic is no worse than CQG, CTS etc. There is nothing perfect in the world, but it does sound like you have an issue in the route between you and the servers. Good luck