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Date/Time: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 01:59:55 +0000

Post From: Our Experience with E-Signal

[2014-01-10 14:28:57]
user511 - Posts: 5
Most people do not need 20 to 30 years of data. What happened back that far may be interesting to look at but is of really little practical genuine value for trading and investment purposes at the present time.

Actually it is relevant. Just the daily closing pricing, not the intraday prices.

For me , I would pay extra to have maybe 20 or 30 years of data. That's actually why I subscribe to Stockcharts and eSignal , to get this data (both are provided by Interactive Data)

The more closer the years, the more important. For example, to have data from 1990s is very useful - something that is not available with Sierra Chart but is available with I.D. services.

Data from 1980s and before is less useful, and anyway specialist services exist for this. However certainly for the last 20-30 years is essential , and that's why I subscribe to other services. if SC can give this data, I would pay extra (I would prefer to have it inside SC, not some 3rd party app eg. eSignal) . Most SC data only goes back 10 years.

We will be adding support for many exchanges. This is in progress now.

Yes , this is priority number 1. Increasingly I am interested in emerging market data , especially BM&F please add this exchange asap (it covers all of south america) .... also Chinese exchanges and asia exchanges.

The comment about data not always being good from SC, does not seem valid. Sierra Chart supports many Data and Trading services. Some of them are our own but many of them are external. So what particular service are you referring to here?

I don't have anything specific ... but sometimes data can appear broken or of lower quality. I noticed it with some of the less popular currencies, eg. BRLUSD. It's not a big deal however, since mainly the opening/closing price is important for me.

In summary, please focus #1 on more historical data and also #1 on more exchanges. Even charge more for it , but please do it would help alot. Thanks guys.