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Date/Time: Mon, 27 May 2019 04:25:59 +0000

Post From: Our Experience with E-Signal

[2014-01-08 09:52:31]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 72171
Getting back to this thread now:

1. We are offering our own market data feed with support for various exchanges around the world (North America, Europe and Asia). We currently offer 3 futures exchanges. For what else is coming refer to:


2. We have support for Indian data:

The data is very high quality and goes back 20-30 years at least for most items. They also support (as mentioned) loads of different exchanges. This is in contract to SC, where data is not always so good quality (some datapoints are often missing) and does not go back so long. Also, the selection of products is less (less exchanges).

Most people do not need 20 to 30 years of data. What happened back that far may be interesting to look at but is of really little practical genuine value for trading and investment purposes at the present time.

We will be adding support for many exchanges. This is in progress now.

The comment about data not always being good from SC, does not seem valid. Sierra Chart supports many Data and Trading services. Some of them are our own but many of them are external. So what particular service are you referring to here?

The service named "SC Historical Data" is a good service. We are not aware of any missing data points. If you are referring to Interactive Brokers data, then that is an external service and the comment must be about them.

4. All of the exchanges that you see with Tele-trader we will be adding support for:

We are also good to be adding in US stocks, Canadian stocks, US indexes. NYSE Liffe.

5. Interactive Data owns E-Signal. They are basically the same.

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