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Date/Time: Thu, 07 Dec 2023 00:37:39 +0000

Post From: not all the information is coming through

[2020-03-10 03:26:56]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
The Windows operating system is such poor quality. This is a Windows operating system issue. Our recommendation is to close down unnecessary programs on your system and restart Sierra Chart.

We are working to replace these trash Microsoft dialogs in Sierra Chart with our own Dialog type windows. This is one of our active tasks again.

Once again the Microsoft operating system is trash. And yes Sierra Chart has trash in it because we are using these trash dialogs from Microsoft and we are going to get rid of them as soon as possible. The first ones should be released in about 60 days.

Think about the awesome power that the computer hardware has these days. The absolute awesome power with CPUs, memory, storage, and bus speeds. Incredible power. This is more power than people realize because they are running inefficient and trash programs like Windows a lot of the typical programs running under windows, not Sierra Chart, which we all use. People do not see the tremendous capabilities of their system. If Microsoft would just focus on developing quality software rather than producing so much junk it would be much better.

So after all of this time, Microsoft cannot even produce, a proper dialog. That is why we are dispensing with this trash. We are going to be so happy, when all of this garbage, is gotten rid of. And Sierra Chart is just using the basic window creation functionality of the OS. And nothing else. Other than file I/O and network.
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