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Date/Time: Mon, 27 May 2019 04:31:26 +0000

Post From: Our Experience with E-Signal

[2014-01-05 17:55:01]
user511 - Posts: 5
Hi , i can sympathize about eSignal. I used the platform, frankly I'm not that impressed. Sierra Charts offers - as far as I can see - everything (and even more) they do, except perhaps EW analysis. Infact, I prefer SC because the platform is more lightweight, loads quicker and is easier to use. eSignal is a very bulky platform and I found it really fiddly and complex to use. For example, it is not as easy & quick to load multiple charts into a book - like with SC.

The only draw to them is their wide range of Emerging Market feeds.

The reason why eSignal has many users is due to the quality of the data. The data is very high quality and goes back 20-30 years at least for most items. They also support (as mentioned) loads of different exchanges. This is in contract to SC, where data is not always so good quality (some datapoints are often missing) and does not go back so long. Also, the selection of products is less (less exchanges).

So, really the big advantage of eSignal is the data. The actual platform is worse than SC , IMO. eSignal probably understand this , hence the problems you guys had.

In addition , ESignal pricing is highly expensive.

I'm sure many users ESignal users would migrate if a greater selection of feeds were available at a lower cost with comparable data.

Anyway, I hope you guys achieve it one day. Honestly, the SC platform is very high quality. If you can get the data like eSignal, Im sure you can grow the company 10x.

FWIW, I would love to have an alternative to eSignal. I would definitely support any effort by Sierra Chart to incorporate more exchanges and better data.
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