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Date/Time: Wed, 23 Sep 2020 10:40:10 +0000

Post From: Webbased Trading and Direct User Creation of Simulated Accounts to be Released this Week

[2019-12-31 15:02:28]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 89835 | Ending Date: 2021-04-05
but it wont make sense to go nuts about it.
The problem is they are actually creating the current situation. They are creating a situation which is massively frustrating and burdensome for us and for users. Our support board is loaded with questions every single day related to market data policies. So essentially they are creating a situation which can be described as " nuts". If we do not say something that would be a problem in itself. We have to.

And as far as changing things, that is going to be done by people like us, who are leaders and innovators, and work to make things better and more efficient. But this is going to require a new exchange. The CME is a highly inefficient operation costing traders too much. Way too much. That is why we embrace efforts like the Small Exchange which is still undergoing CFTC approval.

We do not like to drop connections and that is not how everything is designed. You will get a notice that the connection limit is exceeded, and you can choose an option to use delayed data.

We will try to get the Flatten functionality out for the web-based trading in a couple of days.
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