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Post From: Webbased Trading and Direct User Creation of Simulated Accounts to be Released this Week

[2019-12-24 19:32:46]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 88326 | Ending Date: 2021-04-05
We are going to be releasing the web-based trading panel for a few users. This is the link to get to it:

You will have to login to get to this trading panel even if you are already logged into this website. So there is always a secondary login required.

You will notice a drop down list at the top named Servers where you can select the server to connect to. Currently only Server 4 Live will be available. This is our backup server and gradually we will be listing the other servers as those servers are updated to handle the web-based trading.

This is not a server that you normally should connect to within Sierra Chart so you are not going to see any server-side held child orders as part of a bracket order, show up on the trading web page until such time they are submitted to the exchange.

You will need to select the server and then the connection to that server will be made. You can view your working orders, and positions and account balances. In the Order Entry form section you can choose the symbol to trade by first selecting exchange, the underlying symbol and then the specific contract month. Only outright futures contracts can be traded at this time.
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