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Date/Time: Tue, 11 Aug 2020 03:00:10 +0000

Post From: I am trying to link this acct w my CME member clearing firm

[2019-10-10 07:56:55]
User849502 - Posts: 70 | Ending Date: 2020-08-31
Sorry for the endless barrage of questions but before I give up on 20yrs of TT I need to know exactly what is going on here. I will list the questions for ease of your replying. Also will copy this and send to Nirvana and to someone named Ray at your company as he is who Bish from The Pit has been working with about getting more people to use SC.

1. I am still confused about Danali. Yes, I get that it's new, and $20 a month. Does this REPLACE the $41 I am now paying?(never do things go down in price so I am sure that is not it). If it is an additional charge to the $41 I pay you each month why do I need it? What additional would it give me over and above what I have now which seems absolutely perfect? So what option below do I get to choose from
a-$41 data feed as is
b-$41 plus Danali $20 as that's what I must get(again I want to know why I need something extra when the feed I have works perfectly fine...)
c-$20 Danali only which replaces the $41 I am currently paying

2. Why are you quoting $115 for a CME pro data feed when Nirvana has quoted $105? Is this fee in addition to the data fees in question 1?

I will NOT connect to SC to trade as directed in the other Support emails as I do not want to initiate any charges until I am iron clad on what they are. Again, it is important you get this clear with me if you'd like me to promote using your software for execution as well as charting in the Pit community. You have a lot of chart users, but very few people using you to execute. Thank you for your time.