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Date/Time: Wed, 08 Jul 2020 09:57:51 +0000

Post From: Custom Studies has issue on windows 10

[2019-10-09 16:58:34]
binaryduke - Posts: 228 | Ending Date: 2020-07-31
We (emojitrading) have been examining the chartbooks of this user and user tommartin321 in relation to this thread and the issue logged here:

We have recompiled the relevant studies serving the chartbooks against v1997.

The issue in this thread seems to have disappeared as a result.

The chartbook in the other thread still causes problems. Debugging with Visual Studio attached to Sierra Chart implies that there is heap corruption occurring with Sierra Chart. We find this occurs consistently when the chartbook is closed. The VS debugger does not point to the custom study dll, but to the windows ntdll.dll (not that we are closed to the possibility of a bug within the custom study dll, however it has been working fine up until v1997).

The custom study uses persistent pointers to allocate and release dynamic memory as per the various ACSIL examples. At the last call to the function, the study checks for a non-null pointer, deletes the memory and clears the pointer as per the ACSIL examples.

Prior to recompiling against v1997 and using the VS debugger, Sierra Chart and Windows dlls (not the custom study dll) were causing errors on closing that seemed to relate to accessing an out of bounds index in an array of characters. There is nothing in the custom study that deals with arrays of characters and we are wondering whether this could relate in some way to the study ID numbering bug identified in v1996 perhaps when the study defaults (or chartbook parameters for studies) are being read/written? The pre-v1997 compiled version was compiled against v1928.

We've attached the output of the Visual Studio debugger. We would also be happy to supply Sierra Chart support with the custom study DLL if this helps investigate a potential bug within v1997. As I say, we are not closed to the idea that there is a bug within our code, however, the Visual Studio debugging process is not breaking at areas within the custom study's code.
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