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Date/Time: Tue, 11 Aug 2020 03:54:16 +0000

Post From: I am trying to link this acct w my CME member clearing firm

[2019-10-09 12:07:05]
User849502 - Posts: 70 | Ending Date: 2020-08-31
thanks for your prompt reply. I will copy this and send to Nora and Ambaj. What is the Danali feed? Why do I need it? Is it for execution? I ask as I have had no issues with the feed I have now. (well one small issue. At least once every other day my 5 min footprint will suddenly stop updating. All the rest of the charts in that chartbook are happy as can be, but the 5min footprint just stops printing the boxes with the volumes done, BUT the dotted line which shows current price will keep updating...All I do is close down Sierra and restart. It is a pain the ass sometimes. Actually, maybe you could forward this to tech as it something that happens day after day)

Back to the data feed fee, Nora was telling me that the CME is going to charge me $105, but if that's the case then why would I have to pay them and you? Sorry, as you can see from my other Support posts I am really dumb re anything IT... But surely I either pay you the fee or I pay the CME, but not both of you.

thank you for your time.