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Date/Time: Sat, 18 May 2024 11:23:42 +0000

Post From: Ackin's indicators (SCH users requests for studies) - Update list

[2019-09-01 00:12:36]
User35525 - Posts: 180
User871277, this is a safe space, and there is no racism here. Again, I don't think SC would allow posting Binary "blob" DLL's here in this forum - it's just not SAFE - so people should be careful to signup elsewhere., Anybody going to step up and defend me here?

I did some googling and it looks like the United States has twice the hacking/malware rates as the Eastern European-bordered countries. All I was hinting at was that several brands of anti-virus software originates from this region, more originating in the east than the west: http://viraltalks.com/list-of-top-pc-antivirus-by-their-origin-countries/p/

Russian traders rock btw, the best. I just happen to see so many vendors on every forum. If it's free, just make it free. Otherwise, if it's valuable to you, charge money for it, either way, post the DLL or code in this safe forum . Again, that's my last post. I can't help people who don't think the same way. Let's just agree to disagree and be nice. I should have taken my warning straight to SC instead of this forum. I just hoped this forum could do some self-policing like at futures.io. People had to be warned that it was a bad idea to download random DLL's.

I stand by what I said above:

Free DLL download = dangerous
Free DLL download != FREE

I don't really think "Big Mike" at futures.io would allow that. Too risky
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