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Date/Time: Fri, 25 Sep 2020 03:04:32 +0000

Post From: New High-Performance Trade Activity Log - Version 1885

[2019-03-20 21:46:45]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 89881 | Ending Date: 2021-04-05
One other thing we want to say is that when you update to version 1885, because there is an update of the trade activity log storage, if you then go back to an earlier version you will then be accessing the older trade activity log storage which will not have any newer recorded trade activity.

And then when you subsequently update to 1885 or higher, any trade activity recorded since rolling back, will not then be available in the newer version unless you clear all of the files from the TradeActivityLogs subfolder, when Sierra Chart is not running, and restart Sierra Chart to regenerate the new files. Although you will still be missing any data recorded on 1885 or higher which is not in the old TradeActivityLog.data file.
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