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Date/Time: Mon, 15 Aug 2022 09:59:45 +0000

Post From: Wrong account number

[2013-11-13 23:43:09]
GaryD - Posts: 61
I am trading through two brokers, one for forex and one for futures. I am running two installations of Sierra Charts, one per broker.

I noticed today when I took a futures trade that the order did not show up. After checking that I was connected and received steady data, I noticed that the account number shown in the chart trade entry box was my forex account number.

I thought somehow I had crossed information on the 2nd install, so I removed everything related to Sierra Charts for both installations, downloaded 1045, updated my operating system, checked for computer issues, and then installed two copies of Sierra Charts being very careful to make sure they were in separate folders. I did not carry over any global settings, just started from scratch in both installations.

The forex version is working correctly, logged in through FXCM. When I log into the futures version through Mirus, it still pulls up my forex account number... ????

First, how do I get this corrected, and second, how does it know my forex account number?