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Date/Time: Sun, 16 Jun 2019 07:59:29 +0000

Post From: Wanting to Use Sierra Charts with a New Broker

[2019-01-11 21:04:26]
User580737 - Posts: 8
I am looking at using Sierra Charts with a new broker. The broker currently supports CQG and TT, plus a few clients with Ninja Trader - so they support CQG Trade Routing & my preferance would be to use CQG data. Just asking:
1. A new broker / back office - do I need give them steps to contact Sierra?
2. Do Sierra Charts offer SFE - Sydney Futures Exchange - APH9 contract data to trade - I could not see this exchange listed on your website ?
3. Understand there is a monthly Sierra package 5 cost. Also understand separate exchange data costs. Also can see there is a per exchange Sierra data Feed cost. Are there any other costs I need be aware of? If I use CQG data do I need to pay the monthly Sierra Per exchange data feed cost (sorry if a dumb question) ?
4. Can I link multiple brokers to my Sierra Platform - if I have more than one brokerage account ?
5. Trade Routing / Server location I guess is up to CQG and my broker ?. I guess the front end server for Sierra is located Chicago - so visible SFE data i see will be routed via Chicago for me to see ?
Apologies if asked too much here
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