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Date/Time: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 13:25:07 +0000

Post From: Completely missing chart display in chartbook and other odd beha

[2013-04-09 19:47:41]
User99606 - Posts: 9
I'm having a strange problem with my chartbooks. When I open a new chartbook and duplicate a chart from another chartbook I get no chart at all. There isn't a time axis or price axis shown, only a gray screen with a tab (or tabs) at the top showing the symbol. If there are multiple tabs clicking on each tab will still show that blank gray screen with no x or y axis. The same problem sometimes occurs when I open a saved chartbook.

If I add a new chart to the blank chartbook for any symbol that new chart displays normally, but clicking on other tabs does not change the chart displayed unless I maximize the new chart. Only then will the different charts in the chartbook be displayed when I click on their tabs. If that new chart is again shrunk to a window (instead of being maximized) then it will once again be the only chart that can be displayed no matter what tab I click on.

I've attached some screenshots:

1. Original Chart.jpg - Working chart to be duplicated to a new chartbook.

2. Missing Chart.jpg - What displays in the new chartbook after duplicating the chart shown in "Original Chart.jpg."

3. Windowed Chart.jpg - The AAPL chart still is displayed after clicking on the AUD tab.

4. Maximized Chart.jpg - That same AUD tab displaying normally only after the AAPL chart is maximized.

I've searched the support forums but it seems that most of the similar problems involve missing data on a otherwise normal chart. Any suggestions on steps that might resolve this without losing all of my existing work?


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