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[2013-10-02 02:56:24]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 65075
There are probably about two or three users of LMAX.

Also E-Signal was waste of time, we integrated to E-Signal and they have failed at this moment in time to ever offer their service to our customers yet they are more than capable of doing so. So it cannot even be used by our customers and potential customers and now they want $3000 minimum a month. They simply do not want the competition even though they provided us the technical specifications to integrate to their service. The whole thing is totally outrageous.

We have to be very careful with service integration. Customers really do not appreciate the tremendous technical problems and challenges that we face when integrating to a service or all of the effort involved. You will be surprised at all of the problems and junk we encounter.

So we wonder whether this IG Index is even worth it. At this time, it is on hold and not going to be considered right now. It is not worth it for a handful of users.

From a customer perspective, lots of times they think that we are going to get lots of business if only we do this or that. If only you add this feature or if only you add support for this particular service, you will get lots of business. The hard reality is this is simply not true. Not even in the slightest. It is an incorrect belief.

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