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Date/Time: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 10:26:17 +0000

Post From: Historical Charts - Continuous

[2018-01-03 20:06:43]
NRGTrader - Posts: 191
For several commodities I have been using symbol format CL# with rollover specified in Chart Settings>Advanced Settings>Continuous Contract>Continuous Futures Contract>Date Rule Rollover. Beginning Jan 01, 2018 I have been receiving this error - (see attached). This was working fine prior to Jan 01 - the last data points are Dec 29, 2017. I have data in these charts back for numerous years - I do NOT want to lose this data.

I was using version 1674 when this began and just upgraded to 1680 and this issue still exists. How can I correct this and maintain my historical data files?
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