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Date/Time: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 01:57:25 +0000

Post From: Cell Reference

[2018-01-03 06:03:29]
tomgilb - Posts: 2070
Yes, this is possible with a spreadsheet study. You must use a Formula Column to create a persistent variable where it is brought to row 3 where you can reference it. You must use an event that can be identified with a formula, like this in P3:

There are many variations to this concept. You can use a second IF statement to set it to 0. You can count bars since an event.

You could also use the NMATCH function to find an event, then return a value with the INDEX function,
using a INDEX(...NMATCH(... combination:
This finds the most recent occurrence of the bar with 93 trades, and returns the Open price of that bar.
You might not need a Formula Column for this, depending on what you're doing.