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Date/Time: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 08:07:20 +0000

Post From: A.) How not to display or modify drawings among linked charts & B.) Missing intraday data

[2018-01-02 17:02:21]
WilliamA - Posts: 26
Thank you for your help as always. I still have an unsolved problem which would seem to be a very basic function of any single chart linked to a symbol watchlist in any charting platform. Yet I can't seem to create default settings to accomplish this. I read the Chart Drawing Tools section you suggested but that section doesn't seem to solve my problem, although I could be mistaken.

Let me run it by you again with the following example please:

Problem 1: I have a watchlist that's linked to several charts (different time frames) within the same chartbook. I click on a symbol # 2 which I just added to the watchlist. The first problem is that drawings from symbol # 1 from the same watchlist show up on the same chart now being used for symbol # 2.
Problem 2: The next and similar problem is that if I erase the drawings from symbol # 1 to create a blank chart for symbol # 2, when I go back to the watchlist and click on symbol # 1, all it's drawings are gone and only symbol # 2's drawings are there which are worthless for symbol # 1.
Problem 3: Another problem is that this malady is only intermittent and I can't figure out why. But that suggests that there may be a way to set defaults that I haven't figured out yet.

Question: Can I create a default setting so that none of the drawings for either of two different symbols linked on a watchlist to the same chartbook and chart will be commingled with each other. And that every time I add a new symbol to the same watchlist and then click on that symbol, I'll see a fresh bar chart with no drawings created for any other ticker. Then any and all drawings I create for each newly added symbol to the watchlist would be retained for later viewing whenever I click on that symbol on the same watchlist and view the same chart again. The end result would be that each symbol's chart view would have support lines, resistance lines, channel lines and text notes that pertain only to the symbol selected from the watchlist.

Please help! I must find some way to accomplish this default setting. I have many symbols on a watchlist which is linked to the same chartbook and all the different time frame charts within that chartbook. I can't trade stocks without having a multitude of drawings which are unique to each symbol's chart view.

Thank you in advance!