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Date/Time: Mon, 21 Jan 2019 23:23:19 +0000

Post From: Slow frame refreshing, What can I upgrade?

[2017-12-31 18:08:29]
User375599 - Posts: 5
I have a computer I built for trading a few years ago and I'm starting to notice a few problems recently. I've noticed that when I have one DOM open the numbers refresh veryyy fast (I set the refresh interval to 10 miliseconds) but when I have multiple charts and two doms open it really slows the DOM down. I'm watching orderflow and need it updating as fast as possible. I'm curious what I could upgrade on my computer to make this as fast as possible.

Computer: 8gb ram ddr3,
windows 10,
x64 based pc,
amd 8 core processor 8320e,
amd R9 200 series,
platform installed on SSD drive,

other notes:
recording one screen throughout the day so I can watch back using open broadcast software
using 4 monitors in the one graphics card

Computer usage while its happening:
CPU: 31%,
memory: 64%,
disk: 0%,
network: 0%,
GPU: 3%,

I have been told it could potentially have to do with my ram. Should I be upgrading it to 16gb? at what speed? is my CPU taking too much load?

Thanks so much for reading!