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Date/Time: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 10:54:30 +0000

Post From: A.) How not to display or modify drawings among linked charts & B.) Missing intraday data

[2017-12-28 17:24:28]
WilliamA - Posts: 26
Topic A: I use the SC API for Interactive Brokers.
I have many charts within the same chartbook linked including a quote board.
When I draw lines etc on a 15M chart for ES for and then change the symbol from ES-201803-GLOBEX on the quote board to SPX-IND-CBOE (S&P 500 index), the same drawings show up on the SPX chart. When I delete them on the SPX chart, the drawings are deleted on the EX chart as well.
But after drawing something on EX, when I select any other symbol on the quote board, not SPX, the drawings aren't there.
Topic B below may contribute to the anomaly. I've toggled on and off: "Chart>Settings>Advanced Settings 2>Allow Modification of Chart Drawings from Other Charts," with no results.

Q#1: Can you demystify this for me please?

Topic B: I will subscribe to almost all SC data and exchange services including indexes within the remaining two day free period I'm still in presently. I have already subscribed to all data and exchange services with IB. In the meantime, on a 15M SPX chart, it displays only data for part of the last 48 hours.

Q#2: Since I haven't yet subscribed to S&P 500 index data service through SC, is that part of the mystery in Topic B please?

Q#3: By subscribing to index data through SC, will that provide the missing SPX index data please?

As always, thank you in advance!