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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Oct 2018 21:28:37 +0000

Post From: Color Setting Cumulated Last Trade Size

[2017-12-22 16:59:30]
Andreas - Posts: 363

thank you for your reply.. i thought so too but it isnt.. however, i figured it out.. after a couple seconds (looks like its a timer of 5 secs) it doesnt use those settings anymore but switches to use the "Trade DOM Last Price / Quantity Background" and Trade DOM Values Scale Text" but NOT "Trade DOM Last Price / Quantity Text"

even though i love that we change colors, i've several issues with this:

1. i think its meant to imitate x-trader's / jigsaw's behavior (which is good!) but does so wrongly... the main purpose of this is to see if there's follow through. so when it first hits the offer, and i have set it to use blue, it should be blue for the first trade and then (e.g.) white for any additional trade which occures as long as it doesnt hit the bid where prices would be initially (e.g.) red and then (e.g.) white.
This enables you quickly if there was just one big or several smaller order(s) hitting one particular level.

2. there's not enough padding to really see the numbers... right now theose are hard to read (see attachment)

3. we really should have a seperate color setting for that (text and background)

thank you,
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