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[2017-12-22 13:29:16]
User228660 - Posts: 1
I am seeking assistance with a problem that occurred, I experienced problems somehow. I entered a short early in the morning and incurred a loss of 7 pips. Upon changing my chart to 15 minute, it showed a loss of 7 and another loss of 1 in my p/l section. I flattened my position again. Well td here was no real movement in the market so i laid back down til about 6 am. when I woke up, I now found myself in another losing position that I did not enter. I called AMP and they said nothing was wrong on their end and to notify you.

If someone can look into this and get back to me, I would greatly appreciate it. This is the first issue I've had with amp but i don't like the idea of being placed in trades without my permission or knowledge and the fact that I get charged for a trade I didn't enter.

Thank you for your time and cooperation,

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