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Date/Time: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 00:56:41 +0000

Post From: Loading and saving chartbooks takes longer on SC prereleases after SC 1669

[2017-12-21 18:15:12]
TechTrader - Posts: 101
Saving (Ctrl S and Ctrl A) chartbooks with Spreadsheet System for Trading studies takes 3-4 times as long on the prereleases after SC 1669
When starting or exiting SC, on prereleases after SC 1669 the loading and saving process on several chartbooks can be quite extended.
Also when connecting to Transact (in my case) it takes quite a long time for the connect dialog box to appear and longer to connect.
Sometimes I have to Disconnect and then Reconnect on the toolbar to achieve a successful connection.
The above does not occur with SC 1669.