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Post From: setting up data

[2017-12-19 17:09:52]
Sierra Chart - Max - Posts: 3509
We have activated the following exchange for you:

-CME, For professionals and users without a trading account

In regards to TSX, we have contacted Barchart about this. In the case of US equities professional, there is a special procedure to go through for this and the cost is:
AMEX $24 billed by the exchange
NYSE $50 billed by the exchange
NASDAQ $25 billed by Barchart

US equities professional is only offered as a package and all of these fees have to be paid. You cannot just get the NYSE.

Barchart has activated your account for AMEX, NYSE and NASDAQ.

Response from Barchart regarding TSX:

The user qualified as a professional so the professional TSX exchange would need to be activated using the code TZ. The cost for the professional TSX data is $78.75 a month as opposed to $36.75 for the non-professional. Please let em know if you would like me to add this.

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