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Date/Time: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 10:55:13 +0000

Post From: Automatic retracement/projection

[2017-12-17 21:17:05]
xroads - Posts: 5
The study allows for the input in minutes. Therefore, I am assuming that if I set it at '1440' minutes; Calculation method set at 'retracement'; New period at day session start set to 'no'; Calculation reference value set to 'automatic'; Chart Settings...Advanced Settings to include 'columns with no data', Chart Settings Start Time:18:00 EST, End Time:17:59:59, the result should ,in theory, provide me with a calculation that references the high and low for an ongoing 24 hour period. Or, alternatively, if I set it to '3600' minutes,it should automatically reference the high and low of the last 2.5 days. Am I mistaken in my assumption, because it does not appear to function accordingly ?